Terry Logee

Terry is a Senior Vice President with Building Energy Diagnostics and Retrofits, Inc and started the company in 2008. Terry performs comprehensive energy audit modeling and energy home improvement estimates. His goal is to provide the most energy savings in a cost effective way. With 30+ years of experience in energy work, you can have confidence that your energy home improvement will provide more comfort at the best price.

Terry maintains BPI certifications for Building Analyst and Building Envelope Specialist so he is current with the recent standards and building energy performance requirements. Terry also provides support for field operations for home energy improvements (retrofits) and comprehensive energy audits. Terry also participates in some of the retrofits and energy audits.

Terry worked as a research manager at the U.S. Department of Energy for over 18 years. During that time, he worked on lighting appliance standards helping to develop the current requirements for CFL bulbs. Terry also worked on standards for water heaters. For over 10 years, he was the research manager for energy improvements in existing homes. The research teams investigated methods for air sealing and insulating attics and attic ducts because attics are accessible and represent the areas of greatest energy losses. The DoE also investigated basement wall insulation systems that prevent mold and mildew.

Some of the projects Terry managed:

-Air Sealing Best Practices (Looks at many air leakage sites such as attic kneewalls, recessed lights, attic hatches and stairs, porches, chimneys, vents and duct chases, fireplaces, cantilevered floors, basement rim joists, attached garages, common walls on townhouses, etc.)

-Comprehensive Energy Retrofits in Baltimore, Tennessee, Florida and California

-Energy Retrofits for Storm Damaged Housing (following Katrina flooding and tornados in Greenberg Kansas)

-High Performance (30% to 50% energy savings) Retrofits for the Hot Humid Climate

-Retrofits for Inaccessible Spaces (floor cavities, kneewalls in attics, rim joists in finished basements, etc.)

-Attic Duct Sealing Guidelines (most attic ductwork is leaky; 20% to 50% losses)

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